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Rogate: A Heritage of Pro-poor Spirituality. The Source and inspiration of every mission, on the one hand, is God, especially in Jesus’ incarnation and Kingdom proclamation. St. Hannibal responded to this inspiration in his unique ways which eventually came to be known as the Rogate. October on the other hand is especially dedicated to Mary, mother of the poor. And remarkably, St. Hannibal was also Marian. Such a wealth of heritage for a pro-poor spirituality, indeed! SHEC draws much inspiration and motivation from the foregoing heritage as it continues Jesus’ Kingdom mission.

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SHEC is named after St. Hannibal. Accordingly, it carries out its Kingdom mission after St. Hannibal’s spirituality. It is but fitting and proper then that last October 5, 2014, leaders and members of the RYMSC underwent a formation session about St. Hannibal. The activity aimed at deepening the participants’ knowledge of the life and virtues of St. Hannibal. This wonderful experience was held at the St. Hannibal Training Center, Malibay, Pasay City.

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The Bible is not only a book of wisdom and inspirations. Powerful, indeed, as it is God’s Word, it can transform lives in ways beyond description. It has been an opportune moment then for leaders and members of the RYMSC to undergo a bible formation session under Fr. Orville Cajigal last October 12, 2014. See more Photos.

Pedicabs at last! PDF Print E-mail

October 19 was also a day to mark. Finally, the much awaited release of pedicabs for SHEC’s livelihood program took place. Kudos to the workers and beneficiaries for another step towards holistic human development! See more photos at our facebook page

Phase 2 General Assembly PDF Print E-mail

Some leaders and members of Phase 2  had an assembly last October 12, 2014. They discussed some issues, to wit: monthly amortization, pedicab livelihood and guarding of their gate. Regular assemblies, in another view, are also meant to strengthen the bond among members. This needless to say is essential in every community, especially in a Christian community like Phase 2.

Session in Journalism and Writing PDF Print E-mail

Augmenting their spiritual formation with a particularly academic one, leaders and members of the RYMSC had a session in Journalism and Writing in Filipino last October 19, 2014. The experience was indeed fruitful and fun for the contented participants.


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