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Rogate: Spirituality of Hope. Hoping even against hope…one can truly think and feel so especially in extreme subhuman conditions, like the persistent problems on poverty and injustice. In connection, Pope Emeritus Benedict counsels that “God remains God: he remains good with an indestructible goodness. He remains the redeemer in whose hands man’s destructive and cruel activity is transformed by his love.” This character of God makes a spirituality of justice as essentially a spirituality of hope, too. For it is only with hoping that one can be assured that it is never in vain to do something even if the way things are seems to remain as it is. This spirituality of hope, needless to say, keeps the fire of social justice mission alive in SHEC.

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To praise and thank God for all his blessings, some leaders and members participated in the Prayer Encounter held last July 1, 2014 at the St. Hannibal Training Center. Indeed, praising and thanking God at all times, even in most difficult moments, reflect the fire of hope burning in the hearts of SHEC apostles and community members.

Basic Health Education Seminar PDF Print E-mail

For 3 days, particularly last July 20, 23 and 27 respectively, 3 sessions on Basic Health Education were conducted. The purpose of said seminar was to teach the beneficiaries on health matters such as basic hygiene, proper nutrition and te like. The seminar was spearheaded by Nelia Reyna, May Anne Merelos and Nelyn Balbalosa.

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To preach about the God of love and justice who never abandons the poor and the oppressed, leaders and members of the Rogate Youth Ministry, Shec Chapter (RYMSC) practiced from May 1 to June 6, 2014 for the staging of a Variety Show at Burauen, Leyte. Music and Arts can move the heart. Inspirations abound when people not only help but make others happy. The Kingdom, after all, is where all sort of weeping and injustice shall be no more (see Rev 21: 1-5). See more pictures at .

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Children are very special for Jesus because they symbolize the innocence or purity that merits entry into the Kingdom of God. Needless to say, children also symbolize weakness and dependence. They represent well the least brothers and sisters who bear the face of Jesus. They need care, love and concern, and the acts of charity done to them are done to Jesus, and doing so merits salvation (see Mt 25:31-46). It is in this spirit that, last July 5, 2014, Fr. Dex, Fr. Jiggs, Fr. Arlene, Bro. Joseph and Elmer together with 43 members of the ROGATE Children’s Ministry conducted an outreach for children who are assisted by SHEC.


Rogate: Inspiring Spirituality. Jesus Inspires. No wonder the Kingdom of God has grown and continues to grow tremendously. Pope Francis encourages us to be inspiring. St. Hannibal was especially inspiring to the poor. This sort of inspiration is a legacy inherited and perpetuated by SHEC. And this legacy goes with a particular exhortation: the desire to do away with greed and injustice, which is made possible by openness to the Holy Spirit.

MAY 2014 HIGHLIGHTS PDF Print E-mail

Rogate: Spirituality of Truth and Justice. When Jesus preached the Kingdom, he taught that the truth goes with justice (see Mt. 23:23). No wonder, Pope Francis puts much emphasis on justice. Accordingly, the Rogate has justice at its core, just as St. Hannibal preached justice by helping the poor be alleviated from poverty. It is the month of May 2014, and SHEC draws inspirations from Pope Francis who, in his message for the 51st World Day of Prayer for Vocations, May 11, 2014, encourages all of us to live out our respective vocations as witnesses to the truth, by letting “grow in us the joy of cooperating with God in the service of the Kingdom of mercy and truth, of justice and peace".


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