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10 years of SHEC, A proof of God's Love for the Poor PDF Print E-mail

As we celebrate our 10 years in SHEC, we remember how God works in wonderful ways. Truly, He shows how he loves the poor. We are thankful for making us his instruments in touching the lives of the poor. They, the poor, in turn teach us how to get closer to Jesus. Thank you for your collaboration. God remembers all our efforts. The SHEC family and the whole of the Rogationists are thankful to you and to God. The following give us a glimpse of the miraculous work of God for the poor.


H.E. Cardinal Tagle
SHEC and Cardinal Tagle
SHEC chosen by ADU

SHEC chosen by World Bank-
SHEC chosen by World Bank-
SHEC wins Dubai International Award for Best Practices in March 2009
SHEC on housing in Lund University, Sweden
SHEC and Asian Development Bank, Japan
SHEC and World Bank, Washington
SHEC and Association of Christian Institutes for Social Concerns in Asia or ACISCA
SHEC – subject matter of studies SHEC on Housing at the bottom of the pyramid
SHEC and Environmental Management
SHEC and the Vatican Team -Metropolitan Manila: a visit to the depressed area of 'Malibay'

SHEC and Pondo ng Pinoy Cardinal Rosales and SHEC
San Carlos Seminary Publications, page 11
Bagong Umaga, Pondo ng Pinoy, Tilamsik by frjessie-Video
SHEC and Department of Education Alternative Learning System
Smart joins Abot-Alam consortium
SHEC and Newspapers Knowing the Church
Change -Inquirer News
Dream comes true for Pasay families
SHEC and Dominican Seminarians
SHEC and San Carlos Seminarians
SHEC part of PCPII Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of PCP II
SHEC and Church of the Poor Seminar on Church of the Poor for SOS Parish Teams

SHEC Videos
SHEC nature - 1
SHEC nature - 2
Phase 1 Housing Project
Phase 2, 3 Housing project
Video on the nature of SHEC and Pondo ng Pinoy

SHEC on Unang Hirit



Rogate: Spirituality of Unfailing Concern/Love for the Poor. SHEC’s essence lies in its spirituality as a concrete manifestation or proof of God’s love for the poor. The Philippine Church has embraced a character of being a Church of the Poor in the light of Jesus’ Kingdom mission which has Good News to the Poor as its core kingdom blessing (see Lk 4:16-21). This Gospel insight and inspiration moved St. Hannibal to be especially compassionate to the poor. His person, his love, his words, his actions had been concrete proofs that God’s providence to the poor never fails. This, needless to say, is the legacy which SHEC strives to continue this month of September.

Congratulations, Bro. Joseph! PDF Print E-mail

Bro Joseph and BrothersOn the same day, SHEC rejoiced with Bro. Joseph In Soon Choi, RCJ as he renewed his vows at the chapel of De Gracia, Port Area of Baseco, Manila. The celebration was participated in by SHEC priests, Fr. Dexter Prudenciano, RCJ, Fr. Arlene Gumangan, some Rogationist brothers, Pabanal members, Tita Azon, Ms. Josie Karo, some Pabanal youth, friends and collaborators. Mabuhay, Bro. Choi! (More Pictures)(videos)

Formation Session PDF Print E-mail

Growing holistically in the Christian life necessitates regular formation programs. Accordingly, last Sept. 21, 2014, leaders and members of the RYMSC had a formation session at the St. Hannibal Training Center, Malibay, Pasay City. The formation activity focused on the deepening of knowledge about one’s self.

RYMSC General Assembly PDF Print E-mail

The Church which SHEC serves is essentially Church because of people who are envisioned as empowered and empowering. The holistic growth of communities, therefore, is constitutive of SHEC’s mission. Fostering this, the Rogate Youth Ministry, SHEC Chapter, held a general assembly last September 7, 2014 at the St. Hannibal Training Center584-A E. Cornejo St., Malibay, Pasay City. The purposes of the gathering were to invite new members for the RYMSC and to orient the participants regarding the activities for the whole year. 81 leaders and potential members participated in the assembly.

Meeting with Atty. Paul Vega PDF Print E-mail

Last Sept. 8, 2014, some members of Brgy. 182, Pasay City met with Gemma Ortega and Atty. Paul Vega to discuss and agree on the details of vacating their existing structures within the 3 meter easement of Maricaban Creek and the 18 thousand rental assistance of DSWD. The meeting was held at the Pasay City Hall, F.B. Harrison St., Pasay City. (See more photos on Our Facebook Page)


Rogate: Spirituality of Total Salvation. Pope Francis puts much emphasis on the on God’s compassion as total salvation for the total person. In addressing a general audience last August 6, 2014, the pope said, “At the heart of the new covenant is our realization that, in Christ, we are embraced by God’s mercy and compassion, and that our lives must bear witness to his love for all our brothers and sisters.” Most especially, the pope invites us to recognize the new law “in the poor, in those that suffer, in those in need.” And inspired by the prophecy of the last judgment in Mt 25:31-46, the pope emphasizes that “our Christian life will be judged on how we treat him in the least of our brethren.” This, needless to say, has been St. Hannibal’s spirituality which SHEC perpetuates today.


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