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Rogate: Spirituality of God’s Heart. In the month of February, it may be asked: What is the heart of God all about? There could be infinite answers. And all could be true. But the Bible is suggestive of more specific answers which could be gleaned from God’s concerns. For at times, what one is concerned of in a great deal, there is where one’s heart lies. In the Old Testament, God is portrayed as deeply concerned about the plight of the poor and the oppressed (see Ex 3, Dt 15 and the prophetic literature). In the New Testament, Jesus showed the heart of God in his proclamation of the Kingdom of God. It is about Good News to the poor or social justice, to say the least, but also the essential or the fundamental. And this heart of God beats in the heart of St. Hannibal, and pulsates in the veins of SHEC as it continues to proclaim the Kingdom of God

Activities For Fire Victims PDF Print E-mail

Last February 1, 2015, SHEC management and staff organized some activities in order to raise awareness and funds, as well as to invite others to help, for the immediate and rehabilitation needs of SHaCC Phase 3 members whose houses were flattened by fire. Indeed, such spontaneous acts reflect the source of compassion: the loving heart of God itself, the very factor which moves Kingdom workers to work for the well being of all, especially the poor. facebook pics

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Last February 23, 2015, the relocated communities of SHaCC Phase 17 and SHaCC Phase 2  were graced with the visit of some students of Lund University and some staff of TAO Pilipinas. Such visit, of course, is in view of fostering SHEC’s empowerment programs. Facebook pics


Rogate: New Creation Spirituality. January immediately denotes new beginnings or moving forward. But traced to its root word, Janus, January more appropriately means both movements, forward and backward. The Kingdom mission of Jesus, which is the same mission that moved St. Hannibal, and same mission which SHEC continues, is a mission which has backward and forward elements. Such mission is about learning form the past, in view of transforming the old world, or the first creation, until the establishment of the new world or the new creation (see Gen 1, Rev 21:1-5) where justice dwells (see 2 Pt 3:13).

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January 11, 2015 is a reason to grandiosely celebrate and to thank God wholeheartedly due to wonderful reasons: Priestly Anniversary of Fr. Dexter, Foundation Day of SHEC, SHaCC and PABaNAL, blessing and groundbreaking of SHaCC Phase 17 land and housing project. Needless to say, the events were celebrated with the Holy Eucharist as highlight. The communities, staff, benefactors and friends of SHEC, through said celebrations, manifested the joy of the Kingdom, an anticipation of the bliss of the New Creation to come. See Facebook photos.

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Tragedies happen, but these can never dampen the spirit of hope inherent in people who struggle for a more just and humane life. And one way to show that there is hope is to transcend gloomy atmosphere. To celebrate Valentine’s day, no matter how late, is a good way of doing so. With firm faith and conviction that in the end, everything will be alright, leaders and members of the RYMSC staged a Valentine party last February 21, 2015 at the St. Hannibal Training Center, Pasay City. In said program, RYMSC members who turned 18 years old in the previous year were especially honored. Also, the fire victims were given the occasion to transcend their miseries as they participated in the joyful activities. Thank You so Much, Fr. Gabriel Flores and Company. On the same day, the communities assisted by SHEC were blessed with the visit of Fr. Gabriel Flores, RCJ and the Student Body Officers of the Rogationist College High School Department, who donated books and came to know about the communities’ situation in view of future collaborations. facebook pics

Children’s Party at Phase 2 PDF Print E-mail

The Kingdom is for those who become like children, so the Bible says. And truly enough, missions could be extraordinarily meaningful when done among children. This was made manifest in the apostolate of students from St. Scholastica’s College among the Phase 2 community. The apostolate was under the direction of Sr. Zapata, OSB. The apostolate ended with a culminating party for the children of Phase 2. Again, the never ceasing heart of God has pulsated lovingly among the phase 2 residents. Facebook pictures.

Happy Birthday, Fr. Dex! PDF Print E-mail

It’s too good to be true, they usually say, but there are too good things and persons that are exceptionally true. Fr. Dex is such a person. His very existence, celebrations of which fall on January 6, can be truly attested as meant for SHEC, for since its inception to date, Fr. Dex has always been there. SHEC and Fr. Dex are too intertwined that one seems inconceivable without the other. This is not rhetoric. It is actual logic, a sheer reality, so to speak. And the beneficiaries of SHEC and Kingdom workers are grateful to God for letting Fr. Dex be born for the Kingdom, for the Church and especially for SHEC. Ad multos annos! Facebook Photos


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