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Biblical Foundation


SHEC is founded on the two essentials of the life of Jesus Christ: communion with his Father and the proclamation of the kingdom of God which is centered on the good news to the poor. Such preferential option for the poor is very clear in the Old and New Testaments.  Thus, the essence of the empowerment of the poorest of the poor is highly grounded on God’s solidarity with the Anawim, the poor and oppressed, by liberating them from Egypt; and on Jesus’ life and mission, by proclaiming the Kingdom of God with a specific preference for the poor.


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Shared Vision - Foundation

Charismatic Foundation

The focus of SHEC, which is on the prayer for vocations and empowerment of the poor, is inspired by St. Hannibal Mary Di Francia, the Founder of the Rogationists.

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Shared Vision - Foundation

Catholic Social Teachings

The Catholic Church has been very consistent in her desire to follow Christ by being one with the poor. In fact, she has manifested this through the Catholic Social Teachings like the Rerum Novarum down to the present. It is an Encyclical letter of Pope Leo XIII on the conditions of the working class (1891).  The latest one is the pronouncement of the Church in the Philippines during the Second Plenary Council in 1991. The Church  wants  to be the “Church of the Poor.” Following these indications, SHEC situates is strategy in the context of the local Church. Thus, from the inspiration of God and the examples of Jesus and St. Hannibal with the guidance of the local Church, SHEC moves on along the road to total human transformation.



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