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SHEC was conceptualized out of the desire to follow Jesus Christ more intensely. Christ came into the world and lived among the poor of Palestine. He lived simply with them; he proclaimed the good news to the poor. He addressed their human needs such as healing, food, land and others. In order to follow his footsteps, the Rogationists went out from the four corners of their comfortable seminary and began to live with the poor. This first started on week ends of the school year 1998. Later on, after five years of living with the poor without introducing programs and pretending to be their saviors, the Congregation began to assign two of its priests to live literally with the poor of Malibay, Pasay City. After their immersion, they started to organize the people; they helped them to form their own organization and to address their own concerns. Only then the programs on housing and others were formulated and acted upon by the people.

SHEC is peculiar because of the following: foundation that is based on the optic of the poor, radical living with the poor, comprehensive approach in promoting the total human well being of the poor and capacitating the poor to be on their own.


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