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Community Building Approach

Community Immersion.The journey began with community immersion when the concerned Rogationist Fathers and the Brothers established residence and an office within one of the depressed communities in Bgy 165.This was the period of interaction and living with the people by which the organization established rapport with the communities, experienced the peopleís concerns and conditions, and got to view the communities from the peopleís perspective.

Community Organizing & Mobilization.Then, starting from where the people are, an intensive community organizing and mobilization phase followed.This was intended to capacitate the people and enable them to effectively participate in and eventually sustain the efforts of community building and social transformation.This has been the phase of rigorous leadership training and capability building.This phase was also about selection of community leaders, formation of core groups and committees, organization of Basic Ecclesial Communities or BECs, formation of a homeowners/community associations, and action planning and problem analysis undertaken by the people themselves.Also an essential activity in this phase is values formation.Values formation is the component that ties all of SHECís projects into an integrated whole; it lies at the heart of the organizationís mission of empowering the poor and upholding their inherent right to a dignified living.

Implementation of Community Development Projects. SHEC then proceeded to the actual implementation of community development projects identified by the people to respond to real needs and concerns of the community.This included: land acquisition and construction of housing facilities, micro-financing, establishment of community health stations, granting of scholarships to deserving students, etc.At this time, the people have already established the processes and structures by which they themselves are partners in project implementation.†† Networking with other institutions also became a crucial element in this phase.Other institutions, like the Archdiocese of Manila, government agencies and other NGOs provided the needed resources for project implementation. Volunteers were likewise mobilized as valuable manpower resource in community building projects.

Consolidation.Gradually, SHEC will advance to the consolidation phase in which the people will evaluate the whole experience and reflect on what this may mean in terms of their empowerment and the sustainability of their community building efforts.The consolidation phase will also involve the turn-over of appropriate project facilities and services to the community association.

Phase-out.Finally, the phase-out stage will take place in which SHEC and its partner institutions will have to allow the people to proceed on their own and to fully exercise their new-found capacities for self-determination.


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