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Priorities of SHEC

Given the data which has been gathered in 2005 census made by SHEC, all the respondents are informal settlers of Pasay City. Meaning, all of them do not have the security of tenure. Among the households and their members, 1,771 are unemployed.   However, the potential labor force is 66% which is around 5,028 persons. Their level of education indicates that majority has reached only high school level which is 55%. It follows that their main occupations are only as construction workers (275) for men, as storekeepers (167) for women and as vendors (312). Out of this, the key result areas and programs of SHEC have been designed to address the concerns of the communities.  These community concerns, listed below, surfaced over a long series of interactions and consultations with the people during SHEC’s immersion and organizing period.  


1.      Security of land tenure & access to decent housing

2.      Expanded employment opportunities & stable source of income

3.      Quality education for children & youths

4.      Reduced morbidity & mortality incidence

5.      Minimum congestion & improved waste management & sanitation


In addressing the above concerns, SHEC is essentially involved in community building and social transformation. The process is mainly that of journeying with the people, facilitating and guiding them in their holistic transformation.   The SHEC operates on the Biblical foundation provided by the Third Look at Jesus, on the Ecclesiological foundation of the Catholic social teachings, and on the Charismatic foundation of the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus.


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