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Values Formation

This is the program that integrates all of SHECís program activities into a holistic community building package; it lies at the heart of the organizationís mission. The aim of values formation is to facilitate the integral Christian transformation of the communities, to aid people get in touch with God and guide them in the understanding of their faith.The overall theme is that of Godís Kingdom in action.This is in partnership and under the guidance of the local Church.

The formation activities first focus on the catechesis using the Pondo ng Pinoy modules.†† This will then graduate to the Third Look at Jesus (TLJ) module.The main unit of formation is the Basic Ecclesiastic Community of BEC.The BEC, consisting of ten members, is the smallest group in the community.

Formation activities are being done on weekly basis and integrated with the regular meetings of the teams and committees created under the project.The formation process is also experiential, reflection-action-reflection, as the home-partners are made to contemplate on their daily experiences particularly with the project, and what it means in terms of personal transformation and the realization of Godís Kingdom in their communities.

Values formation significantly determines the success of the other programs. Where beneficiaries are lax in attending values formation activities, they tend to become remiss in their participation in other project activities and the delivery of equity requirements.Conversely, where beneficiaries actively participate in formation, they assume their responsibilities more readily during project implementation. Values formation inculcates new sensibilities that motivate the home-partners to actively participate in the project, be diligent in the delivery of equity requirements, fulfill their responsibilities as home-partnersóthe conditions that will ensure smooth project implementation.This is the objective in the short-term.In the long-term, a continuous and extensive formation will translate into a deeper perception of the values of Godís Kingdom that will sustain efforts in personal and community transformation.


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