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  • July 2012 Highlights

    Rogate: The Way of Godís Heart. In trying moments, especially when the poor and the oppressed appear even more nailed to poverty and oppression, like in situations when their misfortunes seem to endlessly pile up, we can learn from Job: the way of Godís h...
  • Rogate Family Bonding

    Being with the poor in quality moments, letting them feel they are warmly embraced, sharing their burden through unrehearsed friendly gestures, are ways of the heart that boost their dignity and morale. ...
  • Tested by Fire!

    This line appears in the letter of Peter to figuratively illustrate the trials one has to face along the way to holiness. But at times, the symbolic comes in real terms. ...
  • Housing Board Meeting

    To discuss pertinent matters involving housing programs for the poor, SHEC staff attended the Pasay City Housing Board Meeting at the Pasay City Hall last July 26, 2012. ...

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