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  • Almost Heaven Retreat Center

    Peace to you and your beloved ones! The Christmas spirit is in the air, and lest we forget, it is good to remind ourselves that Jesus was born among the least because he came to preach the Kingdom of God whose core blessing is the so-called ‘Good News ...

    Rogate: Preferential Option for the Poor in St. Hannibal and Mary’s Way. September is the month of Mary’s birth. And Mary is very close to St. Hannibal’s heart. ...
  • Rogationist Mission Day Launched by the Philippine Quasi-Province

    Last September 8, 2012, the Philippine Quasi-Province (PQP) launched its Rogationist Mission Day on a very timely occasion: the birthday of the Virgin Mary, to whom St. Hannibal and the Rogationist family are devoted, and who, as clearly stated in her mag...
  • Evaluation conducted

    Working with and for the poor needs constant reflection because of changing circumstances and the dynamism of the Spirit who blows where she wills. ...
  • Music Training cum Evaluation

    Last September 16, 2012, leaders and members of the Rogate Youth Ministry, SHEC Chapter, (RYMSC) participated in the skills development on music which was facilitated by the students of music from the St. Scholastica’s College, Manila, after which the you...

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