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Secondly, Jesus radically lived with the poor. From his majestic heavenly kingdom, he came down to live with the poor. Jesus Christ chose to be born as a poor person. He was a companion of the widows, the orphans, tax collectors and sinners during his time.  SHEC literally follows Jesus in this aspect. From the moment of its inception, SHEC was established among the poor in Pasay City. The Priests assigned lived with the poor. Until now, they are still living with them. Their house is situated right at the heart of the shanties along the creek of Tripa de Gallina. According to Sr. Rosanne Mallilin, from the National Secretariat for Social Action of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, as far as their record shows, there are no other groups in Manila which live among the poor communities. There might be some of them around. But SHEC simply is. There are some religious groups which render service to the poor but they just visit the poor for a short period of time. Most of the times, this is done through their immersions. But after that, they return to their respective conclaves or convents. Whereas SHEC lives with the people it serves through and through.

There are several religious groups which work with the poor. Among the better known groups are those of Mother Teresa of Calcutta in Tondo, Manila and that of Fr. Beltran in Smokey Mountain, also in Tondo.


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