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  • An Urgent Appeal for Help for Brgy 156 Razed by Fire

    Last July 11, 2012, a large portion of a community at Tramo Riverside, Barangay 156, Pasay City was razed by fire. †This is one of the communities which are assisted by St. Hannibal Empowerment Center. †There are at least 192 families who are affected by...

    As of the time of writing, the leaders of the of St. Hannibal Homeowners' Associations Phases 8,9,10,11 and 12, Tramo Riverside, Barangay 156 have finished the community mapping and have finalized the master list of the qualified beneficiaries for the hou...
  • June 2012 Highlights

    Rogate: A Spirituality of Faith in Godís Providence. Godís essence is love. In effect, Godís being is to share, for sharing is a natural fruit of love. Accordingly, God cannot be outdone in generosity, which is why the Rogate is essentially a spirituality...
  • Happy Feast Day, Beloved St. Hannibal!

    For he is very special in the hearts of the poor served by SHEC (just as he is very special in the heart of God), our beloved founder, St. Hannibal was remembered and honored in a very special way last June 1, 2012, the feast day dedicated to him by the C...
  • List of Housing Beneficiaries Finalized.

  • ASI and La Salle Students Visit SHEC

    To be oriented about the nature, dynamics and programs of SHEC, SHaCC and PABaNAL, students of the Asian Social Institute or ASI visited SHEC last June 28, 2012, and the day after, June 29, La Salle students came for the same purpose, in addition to their...
  • May 2012 Highlights

    Rogate: Following Jesus through Mary. May is the month of Mary, for in the religious perspective, she is the true May flower who decorates Ďthe carpetí that leads us to Jesus. Also, May is the month of the santacruzan in which we commemorate that blessed ...
  • Meeting with PIAC

    May 2, 2012 was a taste of the Ďjoys and tearsí (victories and crosses) which characterize the daily struggles of the poor for humane living. In SHECís meeting with the Awards and Arbitration Committee of the Pasay Inter-Agency Committee (PIAC), 7 screene...
  • Planning for Better Mission

    Kingdom work is not just a profession. It is, more importantly, a vocation and a mission. Understanding Kingdom work as such may sustain one to continue despite the crosses along the way. With Maryís guidance and St. Hannibalís intercessions, the work may...
  • MRB Validation Session

    To be informed about the the feasibility of Medium Rise Building (MRB) projects for the urban poor, informal settlers in Metro Manila, BenchuZabalaand George Espin of SHEC attended the MRB validation session at the Ateneo de Manila University last May 29,...
  • Loan Documentation Seminar

    Assistance from lending institutions is necessary in the mission of SHEC. In view of this, BenchuZabala and George Espin of SHEC attended the loan documentation seminar which was held at the University of the Philippines, Quezon City last May 30-31, 2012....
  • Gabi ngKabataan Celebration

    All is well that ends well. SHEC, at least, has ended the month of May with a joyful celebration dubbed as Gabi ngKabataan or Youth Night (an anticipation indeed of the joyous character of the Kingdom towards which the poor of SHEC hope to go to).Said ...

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