January 19, 2019 – Visit of the Relatives of Fr. Diego Buscio and Some Italian Friends Print

Some relatives of our beloved Fr. Diego Buscio, RCJ together with some Italian friends came to visit the community of SHEC to have a glimpse about the life and mission of the Rogationists among the poor. It is the same kind of life that Fr. Diego has embraced among the poor in his mission in Bataan. Together with them were Fr. James and Fr. Ariel Tecson, RCJ.  They had a short visit in the 2 housing projects of SHEC, namely, Phase 2 and Phase 17, in order to witness the real life conditions of the people. After that, they went to SHEC office for a short encounter with the Religious community. A movie presentation was shown to them giving them a better idea about the works of SHEC. Fr. Orville gave his welcome remarks and words of praise for the dedicated service of Fr. Diego. A simple Filipino food was served for their snacks.