JAN 02, 2019 – RoSe SHACC Christmas Party with Sir Gab and Family Print

The Rogate Seniors of St. Hannibal Christian Community (RoSe –SHACC) had their Christmas Party sponsored by Sir Gab and his family held at SHEC office in Malibay, Pasay City. At around 9:00AM, they began their usual Gospel Sharing facilitated by Rev. TJ followed by a simple program prepared by the RoSe for our honored guests. Fr. Dexter gave his welcome remarks followed by the message of Fr. Orville. The Rogate Youth Choir graced the event with their Christmas carols. The RoSe also showcased their different talents like singing and dancing to entertain the guests. There was a simple lunch prepared for everybody. Sir Gab and his family gave some food supplements and vitamins for the seniors as Christmas gift for them.