FEB. 24, 2019 Rgationists Postulants Immersion (Batch 2) Print

The second batch of the Rogationists Postulants came to SHEC for their immersion period. The aim of this immersion period is to provide a practical learning experience for the Postulants as they live together with the people where they could be exposed to the real life situations of poverty here in Pasay. The immersion period will last from February 24 to March 8 and they will be staying in the communities of Phase 2 and Phase 17. Fr. Jessie Martirizar, RCJ, the Postulant Director, came to drop the postulants. Together with him is Bro. John Dela Cruz, RCJ, who will be joining the Postulants for their immersion. Rev. TJ gave a short explanation about their stay in the communities. The Postulants are as follows: Amaca, John Rich; Ho Van Ha, Joseph; Blanco, Harley David; Nguyen Quoc Trung, Francis Xavier; LapiƱa, Venus; Nguyen Du Nhien, Augustine; Crisostomo, Clifford; Rangga, Fransiskus Saverius.